Frontier Airlines Baggage Fees

Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy

Currently, Frontier airlines have started charging fees for standard carry-on bags as well as for every checked bag. Frontier’s baggage policy increases with time, so it’s always better that you purchase your carry-on and checked bag allowance at the earliest to save your money.

Checked Baggage Allowance of Frontier

  • The maximum weight for checked bags is 23 kg, i.e. 50lb and maximum linear dimensions should be of 158cm which is 62.”
  • For the first bag, you will have to pay $30 while booking. You have to pay $45 for the second bag and $85 for 3+ bags.
  • If you’re purchasing it through online medium before 24 hours from departure, then it will cost you $38 for the first bag, $45 for the second bag, and $85 for 3+bags.
  • If you purchase your luggage allowance via the call centre, then you have to pay $40 for the first bag. For the second bag, you have to pay $50, and $90 for more than 3 bags.
  • Web check-in will cost you from $40 to $90. Similarly, with Airport ticket counter process you have to pay $50 for the first bag to $95 for 3+ bags.

Carry on the allowance of Frontier

  • Frontier’s carry-on bag cost can range from $35 to $60. It all depends upon through which process you’re going to purchase your allowance. The early you purchase, the cheaper it will cost you. And when its value season period, the cost of the carry-on bag can be as low as $30.
  • In addition to your carry on allowance, if you’re travelling with a child, then you can carry a diaper bag on board.
  • Frontier Airlines don’t accept any bags that are heavier than 100lb or say larger than 110 linear inches.
  • You will have to pay an additional fee if your bag is overweight or oversized. Overweight baggage fee will costs you 75$, and an oversized bag will also charge you $75.

We hope that now you’re knowledgeable enough about all the flight-related options, procedures, and other essential details of Frontier Airlines. If you still face any problems or have any queries, then you can reach out to Frontier Airlines customer service helpdesk. Frontier Airlines client division remains open through the day. So at whatever point you feel the need to contact them then you’re allowed to dial their helpline number. All your queries will be solved instantly. Enjoy you fly with Fly manage reservation. Bon Voyage!